Film: When gods set out to wander

In October 2006, after 69 years, the god-king Jakh left his temple near the village Kujaum to go on a pilgrimage. Of course, the god-king did not walk alone, actually he did not walk at all. He was rather carried by his servants, the dharis. Three young men, chosen by the village and the deity to be the servants of the god, served him and carried him barefooted through the snowy mountains. They set out in October, visited all the big and small pilgrimage places and temples important to their god-king and visited many out-married daughters in their marital homes. In March 2007 the entourage returned to their home village. A great festival was held to receive Jakh and to bid farewell to all the accompanying deities and people. The film documents these last ten days of the god’s pilgrimage and sheds light to the servants relationship to the god.

Camera: Karin Polit
Cutting Directors: Sarah Ewald and Frank Pfeiffer
Directors: Sarah Ewald, Frank Pfeiffer and Karin Polit
Anthropologist in charge: Karin Polit

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